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Boost Hair Stimulator Vitamins  $14.95

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Boost Hair Stimulator Vitamin Shampoo $12.95

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  Boost Hair Stimulator Conditioner  $13.95   order / info
Boost Root Stimulator $18.95   order / info

We have become America's fastest selling hair vitamins!

The absolute, most complete bio available hair vitamins on the market Hair Stimulator is the choice for models and America's best men and women.

We have combined Complete Hair Nutrition along with Fast Grow to get the ultimate in a healthy hair vitamin BOOST.

"I have tried Hair Formula and Hair Stimulator but This one worked like none other."

You can look at hundreds of vitamins but you will only find one Hair Stimulator. Your hair needs a flurry of nutrition to get into that growing phase and most vitamins only pretend to give you what you need.

"Boost works like magic and the results are great - my hair was breaking and splitting quite a bit. The breaking was right at the scalp line but now that has completely stopped. I don't see any hair in the brush anymore."  KATIE CRANE



  • Special form of zinc destroys unwanted organisms in the scalp
  • Blended Herbal Technology stimulates healthy hair circulation
  • Second set of herbals purify with deep cleansing that doesn't strip hair
  • Panthenol Vitamin derivative heals hair from inside out
  • Gentle enough to use everyday in the beginning
  • Use only as needed after 1st month of balancing
  • In stock -ships today

Purify Conditioner Gallon  $54.95

Purify Combination (1 shampoo 9 oz and conditioner)  $22.95


Plain Box Fast Shipping - Flat Rate!

$3 USA, $8 Canada, $14 UK

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