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Our Healing Hair Treatments - Why Our Products Are Better


There are many different hair products on the market today. While most of these are "drug store" quality there are also salon brands. Then even a step away from those are what the market refers to as healers. Even most salon brands used dimethicones in their shampoos as well as other cheap ingredients.

Why do they do this? Because of cost. When a multinational hair care company can save 10 cents a bottle they can save hundreds of thousands and sometimes even millions of dollars per eay.

At Healing Hair we see it as just the opposite. By removing the dimethicones and adding in healing herbs that are proven to work we feel that we set ourselves apart in every hair care category including gray hair management, curly hair products, straight hair styling aids and even getting the very best in hair gel technology - after all the styling aids stay in your hair longer than any of the other hair care products.





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