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Preventing Gray Hair

Gray hair is probably the most common sign of aging.  For most people it starts in their late thirties, with the majority of us finding that about half of our hair is gray by age fifty.    It can start much earlier in the teen and twenties.  Graying that begins before age thirty five is know as premature graying.  No matter when gray hair starts to appear, for most people it is too soon. 

Letís look at what actually causes hair to turn gray.  Each hair follicle is surrounded by cells that contain a pigment called melanin.  Melanin determines the color of each hair whether it be blond, brown, black or red.  These cells slowly die off as a person ages.  When there is little or no melanin around the follicle the resulting hair will be translucent and appear grey, white or silvery. 

Graying hair happens gradually and it may take ten years or longer for the entire head to turn gray once the process begins.  Most people tend to start graying around the temples and gradually spread to the crown and then the back of hair. 

Graying cannot be stopped forever, but some people believe that it can be delayed somewhat with the right combination of vitamins and minerals.    A combination of B vitamins has shown the most promise in helping the hair cells continue to produce melanin, Vitamin B and PABA, and Vitamin B12.   Folic acid in combination with these vitamins is believed to help control grey. 

Grey hair often has a wiry or course texture.  This can be helped with other hair vitamins that promote overall healthy hair.  Some essential ones are Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B3.  Natural hair treatments with jojoba oil and emu oil will also help to moisturize dry gray hair. 


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