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Gray hair can be prevented and we also have ingredients in our products that have been reported to darken existing gray hair. Ingredients that include foti herbal extracts, emu oil, and nutrition as well as other stimulating herbs.

Hair cells need specific nutrition to reproduce correctly and foti and emu oil are packed with what hair needs to reproduce with melanin in tact and this melanin is what keeps hair dark and helps to prevent hair from becoming gray or turning gray. See products below for best results.




Boost Hair Stimulator Vitamins  $14.95

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Boost Emu  Shampoo


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Boost Root Stimulator $18.95   order / info

Gray Hair Shampoo, Conditioner Treatments


"I was looking for products to help prevent gray hair and am after serious research I found your products. I am so glad that I did."  JEREMY KASE




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