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Boost Hair Stimulator Vitamins  $14.95

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Boost Hair Stimulator Vitamin Shampoo $12.95

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  Boost Hair Stimulator Conditioner  $13.95   order / info
Boost Root Stimulator $18.95   order / info

Shampoos and Treatments for Healing Your Dry Hair!

The end of dry is achieved when the hair and scalp are rebalanced with the proper moisture levels. The correct ph level must also be achieved to maintain the correct level. This is where most hair products fall short.

Without a doubt jojoba and emu hair oils are the best in healing dry scalp and hair. These products are our best sellers because they have so many benefits to healing your hair and scalp.

"Your Emu - Jojoba Oil shampoo is amazing. I was expecting it to leave my hair oily but not even close. My hair has this amazing shine and the dullness has gone away. I have noticed how my hair is so much easier to work with, no fly aways and it just seems healthier in a big way"

You can look at hundreds of of emu shampoos and conditioners but only one passes the "better than salon" standards and that is the Purite brand.

"I have never had any product that has worked to get rid of my dry hair like your shampoo. I am totally amazed."  JASON LANE



  • Emu Oil heals dry scalp and other scalp issues
  • Blended Herbal Technology stimulates healthy hair circulation
  • Special blend of jojoba oil deep cleanses and protects hair from the inside out
  • Panthenol Vitamin derivative heals hair from inside out
  • A great everyday or once a week shampoo
  • Use only as needed after 1st month of balancing
  • In stock -ships today

Emu Jojoba Shampoo 9 oz  $12.95

Emu Jojoba Shampoo Gallon  $54.95

Emu Combination (1 shampoo 9 oz and conditioner)  $24.95

The absolute best combination for dry hair including hair that is snapping or breaking easily at the scalp line!




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