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HEALING DANDRUFF with Healthy Scalp "Target Technology"!

"Forget the others like Tar, T Gel, Head and Shoulders! Nothing heals like Purify by Healthy Hair Complex -and it is naturally herbal based."

The cause of dandruff is an imbalance in the scalp and its imbalance leads to overgrowth of certain organisms. The skin reacts to this and the result are scalp flakes and serious itch. The cause of the scalp itch or flakes is an imbalance in the scalp that results in an open door for these fungus type mites and bacteria.

"These are the only products that have truly worked on my scalp flakes, itching and overall health. I have noticed that my hair is so much healthier and thicker as well. I still use the clearing spray and shampoo a couple of times a month to make sure my hair and scalp stay as healthy as they have become."  MARY JANE ASH


Forget about harsh dandruff shampoos that can actually damage the hair and scalp. Instead use a Complex Herbal and Amino Targeted Technology that is ph specific to help heal the scalp. A healthy scalp means no more flakes, itching or other scalp related problems. A properly ph scalp makes it hard for foreign fungus type mites to live in.

  • Special form of zinc destroys unwanted organisms in the scalp
  • Blended Herbal Technology stimulates healthy hair circulation
  • Second set of herbals purify with deep cleansing that doesn't strip hair
  • Panthenol Vitamin derivative heals hair from inside out
  • Gentle enough to use everyday in the beginning
  • Use only as needed after 1st month of balancing
  • In stock -ships today

Purify 9 oz Shampoo  $12.95 (gentle enough for daily use)

Purify Shampoo Gallon Refill      $49.95

Use our combinations and save money over buying individual products alone!

Purify Conditioner  9 oz  $13.95

Purify Conditioner Gallon  $54.95

Purify Combination (1 shampoo 9 oz and conditioner)  $22.95


Plain Box Fast Shipping - Flat Rate!

$3 USA, $8 Canada, $14 UK

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