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Awaken Hair Stimulator Vitamins  $33.95

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Awaken and Restore Hair Shampoo $15.95

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  Awaken and Restore Hair  Conditioner  $17.95   order / info
Awaken and Restore Root Stimulator Serum $22.95   order / info

Our Healing Gray Hair Conditioners


"The gray started in my early thirties and nothing I did worked. My stylist recommended the Awaken and Restore Products and the results have been truly amazing with the progression of my gray hair stopped and newer darker colored hair growing out all over my head."  KATIE CRANE



How about best selling conditioners that are designed to make your hair healthier as well as to make it perform well and to prevent damage from heat and other styling problems such as breakage during combing or styling. Advanced thermal protection technology means healthier hair that lasts all day and night. Prevent hair snapping and breaking that occurs from hot hair damage or other styling issues.


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$5.95 USA, $9 Canada, $21 UK

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